Industry and competitive landscape analysis

As soon as a decision isdecisions are made and expectations are set for surrounding the most advantageous PayTec payment model and expectations are set, we conduct industry research and contact a and contact the right fit of a list of the most relevant compliant payment providers or technology companies. If existing connections are already in place, we can perform an audit to that ensure that pricing and deliverables are in line with industry standards while also determining how these relationships may impact future decisions.


can provide safety solutions based on the determined goals. By working closely with the executive team, financial department finance team and all relevant business units and by analyzing existing data, , we are able to provide a comprehensive overview of providers andand create a P&L analysis andused in both current and future economic modeling.budgeting plan.


While analyzing potential partners, we also take into consideration competitor case studies and current performance to be able to reduce risk further from an operational and cost perspective.