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Innovations Realized delivers digital transformation, operational frameworks and execution strategies to growth and enterprise ISVs and private equity portfolio companies specifically focused on FinTech and Payments ecosystems. IR transforms the way companies operate and how they develop, mobilize, and monetize technology platforms to increase revenue while creating best in class customer experiences. Given the complexities and level of knowledge required to be a payment expert, we utilize decades of experience and industry connections in the payment arena to streamline the entire process.

Our expertise and our passion to serve our clients, produces value in spades both in terms of education and time to market. We don’t expect those we work with to be payment experts (that’s us) but we do a great job of preparing our clients for the payment conversation alongside us – whether that be with the Board of Directors, shareholders, customers or cross-departmental internal stakeholders.  

In many cases, based on relationships and in-depth knowledge of payment negotiations and contracts, we can speed up the entire process by getting vendors to “put their best foot forward” early in the process. This eliminates much of the pain and back and forth aspects known to be a challenge in the payment space. This also ensures contracts are broken down against use cases and scenarios that help to streamline what may otherwise be “hidden” factors that contribute to unfavorable contracts (one-sided in favor of the payment vendor).

Most in the payment space are selling. We take a true partner approach to developing the right strategy and relationships. Therefore, our clients get a “handheld” model baked in with years of expertise and deep ties across the industry. We will uncover every element and we will work on the right relationships that produce the most value. The payment ecosystem is multifaceted and it is imperative that great partnerships are developed to support our clients both now and well into the future.

Our expertise goes far beyond payments. We have deep executive management, software, product management and go-to-market experience. We leverage all aspects to develop the right plan forward.

We have rolled out and scaled products for both private and public companies and know how to tackle some of the most complex challenges across the globe when it comes to software technologies and payment acceptance. We quickly become a part of your team and go-to experts on a variety of topics that are critical to your company’s future success.


Ben Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Innovations Realized. Ben formed IR to meet the growing needs of businesses that require expertise to drive their Fintech and/or Payments strategy to remain competitive within the markets served. He set out to help improve and demystify all the chaos and challenges that plague software platforms from properly executing integrated Fintech and Payment platforms, vendor relationships and innovations.

Ben is an executive leader rooted in software innovation with in-depth, expert knowledge within the Fintech & Payment arenas.  Over 20 years, he has developed new business lines for large corporations and new technology start-ups, as well as being a start-up founder including the development of a nearshore software technology development company in Mexico.  In the past, his work has focused on developing and launching the global payment infrastructure (payment facilitation model) responsible for processing billions of dollars annually in non-profit donations. He also serves on the EvoNexus Fintech Incubator Selection Committee, as well as Fintech advisory boards in support of the start-up Fintech and Payments community.

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