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Strategy Development & Operational Execution

  • From people to process and software stacks to operations, we dive deep into all elements of the ecosystem that impact your strategy and execution plan. Working with you every step of the way, we use this analysis to develop the most effective Strategic Operating Plan to meet your short-term and long-term goals. 

Go-To-Market Planning & Implementation 

  • From P&L analysis and pro forma development to software integration, marketing and sales rollout, developing a cross-departmental strategy is challenging. We will deliver a truly executable plan. We'll also help you bring this plan to market from standing up a new shared service, a centralized business unit and cross-training other departments while also helping with your growth strategy.


Current Platforms & Infrastructure Assessment

  • Existing infrastructure plays a big role in determining how you architect future scalable solutions. We review your systems, tech stacks and how your company is organized to manage everything from releases, bug fixes and escalations to product management and development processes. By understanding everything and identifying requirements, we enable you to succeed with new integrations and development efforts.


Partnership Evaluations, Proposals, Negotiations & Management

  • The RFP, proposal and contract stages are challenging and many times cause long delays in decision-making. Through our unique vendor management and negotiation process, we will efficiently move through this process so you can focus on vendors that best meet your needs. This is inclusive of all of the negotiations including proper terms, conditions and revenue splits. After all, you're leveraging a partner that has seen endless contracts and negotiated extensively across the payment industry.

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Investor Due Diligence

  • Because we have deep history across many different business sectors and business processes,  we have an innate ability to identify and define new market opportunities. We partner during the evaluation and underwriting phase of mergers, acquisitions and potential investments that private equity firms, venture capital firms, corporations and other investors are considering. This also equates to “fact checking” established inputs and assumptions that relate to future payment monetization strategies used to determine investment value. 


Innovations & Emerging Technology Evaluation & Fit

  • We’re innovators at our core and we continually review and meet with new technology founders and companies to understand where the market is headed and what technologies will be important in the future. This, tied to specific needs of your business, equates to the evaluation and introduction of new opportunities to meet your goals while also showcasing new ways to grow your customer base and profits.

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