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Ben Jenkins
Meet the Founder

Ben Jenkins has decades of experience building truly innovative technologies for Fortune 100 companies and his own start-ups.

He understands the challenges entrepreneurs and growth companies face and has set out to remove many of these barriers. Through strategic partnerships domestically, near-shore and off-shore, the team is made up of talented individuals with the right mix of tech and business skills to collectively bring solutions to market more efficiently and at a more reasonable cost.


He believes in the Agile methodology and focuses on using Scrum teams to swiftly make progress while creating a checks and balances process that solves the many pitfalls typically found.


Our Story

Through Company Experiences, Advisory Board roles and Consulting work, I began to see patterns that held companies back from taking true innovations from the ideation phase to success in the market. It became clear that companies both at the "back of the napkin" idea phase to the "no innovation due to too much tech debt on the roadmap that has to be done" have some similar needs.

I view it as a tragedy that these truly disruptive ideas were not making it successfully to market. So, I've set out to change that through consulting with businesses to help them think differently while building a better business model to help support their needs.


 I've worked with endless professionals and tech outsourcing firms and I'm using that as the springboard to successfully manage products and projects. The result is a combination of efforts to bring the right resources, whether domestic, near-shore or off-shore, to the right business innovators to realize successful market release.

Whether your business is trying to finalize a seed round or you represent a larger business that needs additional resources to execute your roadmap, I've established a process and resources to help!

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