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Irresistible Consulting Moments

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

David’s vast experience as a consultant shines through his relatable and easily digestable content. His blog, written for independent consultants, feels as though David is talking directly to you as a mentor or consulting coach.

The content found on David’s blog is remarkably consistent and approachable. They include cartoons (drawn by him) that provide much needed humor in an often stiff, dry industry. They also help solidify the ideas and concepts he writes about in his blog.

I asked David about his blog and what drives him to publish content so consistently:

“Put simply, I passionately believe clients should be turning to independent consultants (i.e., solo and boutique firms) most of the time they need a consultant. Therefore, I work hard to support the independent consulting community.

My articles focus primarily on how independent consultants can win more projects from more clients at higher fees, and how they can provide more value for clients while simultaneously generating more profit.

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